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Most people say they don't know what's exactly happening at their firm, what their co-workers are doing or how far they are with their projects. Talentag is your company's social network and intranet, where you'll always know what's going on in your company.
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  • Better communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Employee engagement
  • Better company culture
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Share goals, accomplishments and challenges

Information about co-workers goals, accomplishments and problems covers 80% of company's internal communication needs. Each shared item gets posted in one unified company newsfeed.

Answers to questions

You can be sure, that almost any of your questions can be answered by someone in your firm. The key is to find that person. Post your question on Talentag and find the right person inside your company.

Praise and motivate others

Share cool badges to praise others, their actions and personality. Now and then drop in a fun badge as well. Working should be fun.

Automatic newsletter

We'll remind everyone to post their goals, achievements and challenges at least once per week. All that gets compiled into an automatic weekly report newsletter for those who prefer to get their information via good old e-mail.

Company events calendar

Get a quick overview of all corporate events, trainings and co-worker birthdays. Adding a new event takes just seconds.

Personal profiles

Wanna know who is who and what they do? Each employee profile shows their current and historic actions, skills and even personal hobbies.

Team views

All the information is available as team views, to see only information for each department or project team.

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